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Performance Rocketry

1/2 Nike Smoke

The 1/2 scale Nike Smoke is a 8.5 inch x 10 foot all fiberglass rocket by Performance Rocketry.

My objective is to redesign and build this rocket to have only one airframe break at apogee deploying a single 24" drouge chute. This design will employ a pyro release mechanism  that acts to retain the main chute while descending non-ballistic until activation and release at my desired altitude input.

     At this time the weight and the motor of choice has not been determined until the completion of construction and advisory changes by my TAP however my current RockSimm simulations  are available on page 4.

     After 20 years of flying high powered rockets, many employing redundant electronics for duel deployments, this will be my first attempt at a Level 3 certification.

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