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Body Tube with Thrust Plate and Motor Retainer

Motor Mount with Centering Rings Spaced for Placement

Looking North Toward the First Centering Ring.

Other 3 Removed to Epoxy TTW Fins

Kevlar Strips Spanning Two TTW Fins X4

Coupler used as Altimeter Bay

shown with release mechanism and extended electronics sled

Main Body Tube and Upper Body tube held together with Altimeter/Coupler

5' Nose Cone show with Recessed Bulkhead Assembly. Inset shows Fastened Golf Ball to be Submerged in Epoxy Slurry to Prevent Extraction.

Note: Recessed Bulkhead Nosecone Creates more space for Deployment  Utilities.

AARD Pyro Release

Exploded View

Fin Can Complete

with Fin Fillets

Recessed Bulkhead Epoxied in Placed Creating Room for Recovery

Note Drop Forged Eyelet

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